The next generation in water decontamination






A revolutionary eco-friendly technology that significantly reduces costs and contingent environmental liabilities for oil producers. 

TX2O technology effectively removes residual oil and dissolved solids from produced water with a combination of TX2Sorb, a radial flow canister containing a proprietary regenerable sorption media, and TX2Gen, the regeneration process that enables multiple reuses of the TX2Sorb canister.





"Radial flow for a product where the feed solids concentration is unknown is a good idea since it minimizes the flow velocity through the media, which reduces the rate pressure drop increase . This should help reduce the potential for media plugging with solids and/or channelling before the adsorption capacity i fully utilized. Providing the media as a service, rather than as a onetime sale, is also good idea and could be potentially profitable after they accumulate enough business volume to support a media regeneration centre." — Global Water Intelligent

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