For every barrel of oil extracted in the US,
7 barrels of produced water must be treated.

Produced water is the by-product of oil and gas. In some cases, the ratio of produced water to barrels of oil is 50:1. This contaminated water must be cleansed before being returned to the environment.

Annually, the US spends $2.5B on produced water management for solutions that create hazardous waste, are economically and environmentally inefficient, and don't even completely remove the oil from the water.

We have created an innovative media that can reduce operational costs of produced water management by more than 30% while producing zero hazardous waste. Our innovative solution is a drop-in replacement for current technology with zero adoption cost, can be regenerated without degradation in performance, and can even remove oil for sale to secondary markets. 

We are currently seeking investors to help us bring our product to market.




Who We Are


TX2O was founded by an interdisciplinary team of Graduate Students from Texas State University. Our backgrounds range from Engineering to Business and Communication Design. We are aided by a board of advisors with extensive experience in entrepreneurship and start-up ventures.


Management Team

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Archana Gujjari

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Dr. Gary Beall

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Conor Brantley

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Michael Opoku

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Thi Nguyen

Advisor Board

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Dr. Rusty Philips

Bill Chittenden

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